On the 6th September i will be playing a cosy house concert with Catherine Watine at her place in St Cloud, Paris

Tickets are here

On Sat 28th June, SatyaKadambiiMela will be joined by Devaraje and Scott Mitchell in an evening of Divine Music at the Harmony Hall in Mundaring Perth.

We will be singing songs from our Truth is album and Raji and Scott will be playing a collection of mantras and chants with beautiful ethnic instruments.

Small concerts in Paris and France

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 21:44

I am coming back to Europe in August /September to play a few concerts.

There are two Paris solo cozy house concerts 23rd and 24th August, then two with David Harenstam at the castle in Villequiers, 27th and 28th and a third house concert in Paris with Catherine Watine on 6th September.

I will be updating my facebook artist page with details

Tickets include the booking fee for each concert and are available here presale or limited numbers on the door especially at the house concerts.

If i cancel any dates, tickets are fully refundable.

Truth Is - SatyaKadambiiMela

Mon, 06/25/2012 - 15:24

Sophie has been working on a new album in collaboration with two dear friends, Kadambii Barnao and Melanie Robinson. The album, entitled Truth Is has been released and is now available for purchase from the orders page. The price is AUD $25 including shipping, worldwide.